CTO and co-founder at Zencargo

Since January 2017

Zencargo combines the latest technology with the best logistics experts delivering a smoother way to manage your global supply chain.

Logistic managers are responsible for the import and export of goods in containers, pallets, boxes and crates. Zencargo is empowering logistic managers to do this more efficient and with peace of mind.

How much does it cost to ship my goods from A to B? Which information is required
for my goods to clear customs? Where are my goods? Why did things go wrong?

Today, all those questions can be answered. Answering those questions for
hundreds of shipments in an operational efficient manner within an extremely
price sensitive industry poses a huge challenge and a great opportunity.

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    Leading Technology

    My responsibilty at Zencargo is to align technology strategy with business strategy.

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    Our stack

    React, Ruby, Elixir on AWS.

CTO at Solar Options for Schools Ltd

April 2016 – November 2016

solar for schools is helping schools to cut carbon emission and to educate our future generation about sustainability.

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    Build the product

    The goal was to connect irradiation data with school databases and Google maps image datato find out which schools have the best roofs to put solar panels on.

    I’ve been building a pipedrive integration to feed this data back to our sales pipelineand display the return of investment per school on the website.

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    Technical details

    To not rewrite everything, I’ve only created small services which solved particular problems.I’ve setup a Kubernets cluster to reduce the maintenance overhead to a minimum using deis.io.

    I used Elixir as the main backend language for this project.

    Tools I’ve been working on:

    • scraping school data
    • enrich school data with google maps location data
    • scrape irradiation data
    • synchronise data points with a sales CRM
    • create two way binding with pipedrive to feed back data to school project sites to avoid buildinga backoffice for managing the school projects.

CTO and co-founder at bonusbox

2011 – April 2016

bonusbox is an e-commerce loyalty programme helping smaller shops to compete against Amazon. We pivoted in 2014 into a rewards-site extending our product so users earn gift-cards by watching videos, taking surveys and shopping.

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    Hiring and leading the tech team

    I’ve established the hiring process to attract international talent. I’ve interviewed over 300 candidates within 4 Years.

    Grown and retained a team of international developers in a partial remote setup – most of them stayed with us for more than three years.

    I’ve established code-challenges, feedback talks and set career goals for all my team members.

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    I’ve developed the first bonusbox prototype of myself with Ruby on Rails before we raised our first investment round.

    I enjoy building proof of concepts to validate an idea and I love to delete code, once it’s clear a hypothesis was proven wrong.

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    Development process

    Building prototypes is fun and evolving the system into a humming software eco system is the most exciting challenge technology startups have to offer.

    I was managing change by identifying recurring software patterns and increased productivity by reducing complexity and adapting the process to our needs.

    Transforming the bonusbox eco-system while the IT-industry changed gave me lots of experience moving our servers from bare metal to AWS.

    My team built a micro-service architecture written in Ruby and Erlang connected through RabbitMQ to guarantee a high level of availability and software quality.

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    Business Intelligence

    I’ve set up our business intelligence infrastructure in Python using Spotify’s Luigi framework to automate our reporting.

    We’ve experimented with real-time data analytics by building an event analytics platform based on the snowplow data model.

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    Bringing software from a local computer to the cloud to enable 5-15 releases per day requires a proper software delivery process paired with platform analytics.

    I’ve gained a lot of experience through experimenting with different solutions like Ansible to Zuul to manage our cloud infrastructure.

CTO and co-founder at urbanvention

2010 – 2011

We started urbanvention as a tech incubator, where you would pitch your idea and we’d build your prototype with you. After few ideas didn’t turn out well, we transitioned into an agency. Within 12 months we finished 12 projects with 4 people.

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    All prototypes were done with Ruby on Rails. We limited ourselves to solve the main user experience

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    Development process

    Executing a scrum process which heavily involved our customers.

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    With each prototype we sold our own hosting solution.

Selected projects

carhartt wip

We collaborated with edenspiekermann, to ship a CMS, Radio and ERP integration. Visit carhartt.


Storytude is an audioguide application, which enables everyone to record audioguides and share those stories using google maps. I’ve implemented the moneybookers (later Skrill) payment gateway to facilitate credit card payments. This Ruby gem became the official library for Skrill’s active-merchant integration (Shopify). Visit storytude.

Data Scientist at DAI Labor

2010 – 2011

The TU-Berlin has an institute for Distributed Artificial Intelligence (DAI) where I’ve been working with scientists of the information retrieval and machine learning facility.

Evidence Protection For Hyper Dynamic Content

I’ve created a tool to capture illegal website content so it can be used as evidence on court for a federal customer.

Image feature extraction

I’ve worked in a team of developers, extracting image features to auto-tag sights of interest (e.g. Brandenburger Tor) for Deutsche Telekom Innovation Labs.

Backend Developer at Fyber

2009 – 2010

Fyber is a leading mobile advertising technology company. I was the first backend developer who joined.
I helped onboarding developers built internal tooling and affiliate network integrations.

Ruby Developer at Mediapeers

2008 – 2009

Studio-Grade cloud solution to streamline content sales and distribution. I’ve had my first experience with an agile software development team using ruby.