I build digital products, grow strong functional teams as a technical leader and transform processes to accelerate development while complexity increases.

I relocated to London mid April 2016 and I look forward to meet interesting developers, startup founders and entrepreneurs.

I grew up in Berlin and am fortunate to be part of my hometown’s transformation to one of Europe’s hottest tech-startup scenes.

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Technical Leader, Jan Riethmayer
I’m interested in Domain-Driven Design, CQRS, Event Sourcing, Testing, Legacy Refactoring, Architecture as well as Kanban and Agile methodologies such as Scrum or XP.

It might sound like a lot of gibberish to you but it’s actually really interesting stuff when it comes to building a product to think about a top level approach to introduce some guidelines and rules to a development process.

Through architecture models we facilitate discussions and introduce domain specific lingo to a system which results in software development converging toward simpler structures.

I don’t claim to have the silver bullet for a methodology in terms of developing the perfect product but it’s helpful to have a technical leader in the team who’s able to spark interest in system design while creating an environment where diverse team members can contribute to a holistic system design.

When I started programming Ruby professionally in 2008, it sparked my passion for software development.

When I started to build my team at bonusbox in 2011, I was able attract people with the same passion and we learned a lot from each other running ruby and erlang micro-services on AWS connected via RabbitMQ.

My biggest challenge is keeping up to date with technology and making investments into the right tools in order to manage “change” – the biggest problem when it comes to finding product market fit as a startup.

  • Connector.


    I believe this is going to be the hottest technology transforming the way we build highly available and high performant web applications.

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    Docker containers and the 12-factor methodology are changing the way we manage and deploy our applications. I believe it’s time to adapt.

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    I believe in infrastructure as code.

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    Ruby is my favourite tool where most of my muscle memory comes in handy to write small scripts and web applications.

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    I believe that people thrive in nourishing environments where trust and candor are foundations of successful leadership.